Be Prepared for A New Pup

Before you bring the new puppy home, you should have the following items ready for him:
• A kennel (airline approved ones are better because they offer privacy and security to puppy)
• A soft blanket or mat for the kennel
• Puppy training pads and maybe even a litter box (if you decide to train him "go indoors")
• A collar or harness with ID tag and a leash
• Food bowl and water bowl (and a placemat if you don't want to mess up your floor)
• A vet near your house
• Chew toys (Lots of them, but usually only when supervised. Puppy Kongs may be okay for some when you're away.)
• Food (Ask the breeder what kind of food they are currently feeding and get the same one. You can gradually transition them to a new one later.)

Also, take a puppy-level tour of you home, then remove all objects that could be dangerous to your pet.  Just like a child they are able to get into anything!

Here's just a few things that I thought:

  • Electrical cords - these can give severe burns to their tongues and lips. An electrical shock can also cause fluid in their lungs creating breathing difficulty.  Apply Bitter Apple or something that tastes bad may be used as a deterrent on items such as electrical cords and many other things.  Secure electrical cords to baseboards, or make them inaccessible.
  • Rawhide chews may also cause a problem. A lot of dogs will chew them so vigorously they'll get a small piece, swallow it, and get it lodged either in their throat or their stomach.  So, never leave your dog alone with a rawhide chew!  You can give it to your dog when you are there to supervise in case of an emergency.
  • BE AWARE that chocolate contains theobromine, which is extremely toxic to pets, so be sure that sweets remain out of reach!!!
  • Puppies have a tendency to swallow small non-food items such as coins, pins, erasers, paper clips, and much much more. Thread and yarn can cause a potentially sever problem if swallowed, due to how it reacts in the intestines. Some puppies like baby bottle nipples, perhaps because of the scent of milk. The stomach acid causes the rubber to swell, which can cause a devastating blockage.  Keep them out of reach!!!
  • Poinsettias and some other flowers are poisonous to pups. Some of them are very curious and like to chew on leaves, so be careful.
  • Keep medication bottles out of your pup's way. Childproof containers are not puppyproof!!!
  • Dispose of chicken or turkey bones in a puppy-proof manner. Brittle bones can be life-threatening.  Never give your dog cooked bones!
  • If you don't want your pup to eat toilet paper or bathroom garbage, shut the bathroom door! (You don't want that funny puppy fun to develop into an annoying adult habit!)

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Published on: 2004-01-08